About Journal

Global Media Journal-Persian Edition is the Persian Edition of Global Media Journal that now includes 24 editions internationally.  Persian Edition inaugurated in 2006.  It is published bi-annually and follows double blinded policy.  It publishes papers in various areas of communication and media studies.  Global Media Journal-Persian Edition is organized and managed as an academic journal at the Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Tehran, Iran.  GMJ-Persian seeks production of knowledge and is interested in original and authentic papers dealing with classic and contemporary issues of media and communication.  The subjects of the manuscripts submitted for consideration include, but not limited to communication science, since it can also be in areas such as media and cultural studies.

Although the journal is published in Persian we accept original papers in English as well provided it can address our audience.  The journal provided translation services free of charge.

GMJ-Persian is fully open access, as the published articles are available online and can be accessed by the public through the journal’s website. Copy, share and distribute is free under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International CC-BY 4.0 codes.