Aims and Scope

The World Media Journal publishes articles that examine the structure, performance, outcomes, and effects of media at the national and international levels as research and expertise

This journal has the following features

1.With the help and scientific advice of some of the leading professors and researchers in Iran and other countries of the world.

2. Published articles, student articles and critique of the book.

3..It is published as two numbers per year (end of spring and end of autumn).

4. The articles will be peer-reviewed by two referees. If the article fails by an arbitrator, the article will be referred to the third referee. The process of arbitration in the World Media Journal is done blindly.

5. In order to provide public access to information, the articles are downloadable free of charge from the journal site. Authors are also allowed to place their own personal article on their own site.

  It should also be noted that  the World Media Journal - The Persian version of the Journal of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology received the degree of scientific research on the basis of letter No. 181638/3 dated 13/9/1391