An Analysis of the Research Trends of the Specialized Journals on Tourism



The purpose of this paper is to provide an analysis of the research trends of the specialized Journals on Tourism using a content analysis of the sample of these journals. Furthermore, the paper will introduce eight trends of these journals, which is considered the contribution of this argument. It should be noted that the development of Tourism industry has attracted the government officials’ attentions in Iran and elsewhere. These developments have caused the academic atmospheres to treat tourism as a discipline and support the scientific research in this field. Along with the disciplinary developments of the field, a special attention also has been placed on the development of specialized journals. In this respect, numerous researches have been made to analyze, assess and evaluate scientific journals in recent decades. Since tourism is also a matter of concern in contemporary Iranian scholarly atmosphere, the paper has taken the cause to develop it into a full capacity academic activity. In order to do that, I have considered the analysis of the research trends of tourism’s journals to be one of the first but formost steps.