The Necessity of the Development of E-banking in Electronic city



This paper will introduce an argument on e-city and proposes the necessity of electronic banks as the most important organizations to solve problems that are geared to the development of e-cities. We will also try to identify the role and place of e-banking in e-city, essential infrastructure for banking settlement in e-city, e-banking applications in e-city, implementation of e-baking's challenges in e-city, ways of persuading citizens to use e-banking services and finally presenting guidelines for e-banking settlement in e-city. It should be further noted that day-to-day growth and deployment of information and communication technology has made a revolution in various dimensions of human life including organizational revenues and has made changes in banking systems. This type of technology has changed the way people, organizations and governments operate and how their visions and has lead to creation of new industries and occupations and the way they use innovations to perform their duties. The emergence of phenomena such as e-learning, e-commerce, e-business are the most prominent results of penetration and deployment of information technology in various dimensions of modern life and has lead to the emergence of e-city, in which we could perform various activities and city services all in electronic format.